Open PacWest SFS 2019 Steering Committee Positions Available

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to make decisions about PacWest SFS activities and to act as stewards of the organization. The Steering Committee will involve itself in strategic operational planning, professional development for the benefit of the membership and fundraising to support PacWest SFS’s activities, including the annual conference for professionals in higher education..

Vice President

  1. The Vice President will assist the President in each of the above as needed.
  2. The Vice President will assume the responsibilities of the President in the event of the President's absence or disability.



  1. The Secretary is the recording officer of PacWest SFS and the custodian of its records.
  2. The Secretary will attend and keep the minutes of all the meetings and be responsible for the maintenance of all written records, except those that specifically assigned to others, such as the treasurer.
  3. The Secretary shall take roll call at the beginning of each meeting and distribute minutes to the Steering Committee afterwards.


1 Member at Large
The Member at Large will represent and is accountable to the general membership of the organization. Keeping the general membership informed by e-mail and newsletter is the most important duty a member at large assumes. In addition, other projects to support the conference efforts may be assigned. All academic members must:

  1. Maintain employment in an appropriate position at a higher education institution.
  2. Attend monthly conference calls July 2018 thru April 2019
  3. Be in attendance at the annual in-person meeting October 2018
  4. Provide active and working participation in Steering Committee activities.
  5. Be present to serve at the PacWest SFS Annual Conference in May 2019
  6. Support all association endorsed events.
  7. Represent PacWest in a professional manner, including fiscally responsible decision making. And respectful communication with peers.   

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